My interest in art goes back as long as I can remember. In college, I studied drawing and painting, and also began carving uniquely intricate Jack o’ Lanterns. I reluctantly decided to wait until I could retire before devoting myself to the arts. I made occasional forays into portraits & landscapes over the decades, though, and continued to develop and refine my pumpkin carving techniques. Since 2014, I’ve emphasized oil painting–studying, sharing, and selling my art in a serious way. I strive for a straightforward, naturalistic style, while drawing on the tradition of the great masters for inspiration.

I established this website to present past years’ Jack o’ Lanterns and the stories they illustrate. You can access photos of sample of these by clicking the tab above and choosing from the drop-down menu. I intend to add a page on the techniques I use — but for now just think of these Jack o’Lanterns as “woodcuts, on a pumpkin, with a bright light inside.”

As I began creating more permanent artworks, I added pages displaying paintings and drawings from past shows, original works offered for sale, and details about the availability of high-quality reproductions. I’ve grouped these into categories based both on genres and on shows. I can be reached with comments and requests for commissions or prints at barrygalef@gmail.com.

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