55 Works from Looking / Back

These works were presented at the Yellow Barn Gallery on June 19 & 20, 2021. For now, I just want to get all the images up on this site so that friends who couldn’t come to the gallery can see them; later I’ll group them into categories and provide some explanatory text.

Terry at May Revels Charcoal on paper 12″ x 16″ Sold
Sugarloaf over Shepherd’s Hey Farm Oil on canvas 30″ x 20″ Sold
Cherry Tree, Kenwood (underpainting) Oil sketch on canvas 18″x24″ Sold
Cherry Tree at Kenwood Oil on canvas 12″x16″ sold
Mountain Vale, Iceland Oil on canvas 20″x16″ Sold
House by Glen Echo Park Oil on canvas 20″x24″ $350
Icelandic Farm Oil on canvas 36″x24″ $550
Icelandic Cliffs Oil on canvas 36″x36″ $650
Icelandic Glacier Oil on canvas 36″x24″ sold
Sunset, Firth of Forth, Scotland Oil on canvas 20″x16″ Sold
An Sgùrr, Isle of Eigg, Scotland Oil on canvas 36″x24″ $650
Ewe and Lamb, Scotland Oil on canvas 36″x24″ Sold
Portree Harbor, Isle of Skye, Scotland Oil on canvas 36″x24″ $650
James White Oil on panel 24″x18″ $350
I Will See You Again Oil on panel 24″x18″ $450
Franklin after Houdon Graphite on paper 8″x10″ $85
Caffè Americano Oil on panel 16″x12″ $220
Morning in the Subtropics Oil on panel 18″x24″ Sold
Raptures of the Deep Oil on panel 18″x24″ $350
Spun Art Enamel on paper 7″x5″ Sold
Pisemsky after Repin Charcoal on paper 12″x16″ $120
Portrait after Sargent Charcoal on paper 12″x16″ $120
Figure after David Charcoal on paper 27″x19″ Sold
Sorolla after Sorolla Oil on panel 14″x9″ $220
Hélène after de Laszlo Oil on Canvas 16″x20″ $350
Yellow Iris Oil on canvas 24″x18″ Sold
Tulip at the Mary Prentiss Inn Oil on canvas 32″x22″ $500
Still Life with Creamer Oil on canvas panel 12″x16″ Sold
Still Life with Sugar Bowl Oil on canvas panel 16″x12″ Sold
Still Life with Violin Oil on panel 24″x18″ Sold
Mark Jaster at the Ren Fest Graphite on paper 12″x16″ Sold
Fiddler at Williamsburg Oil on canvas 22″x23″ $450
Arthur with Clementines Oil on canvas 16″x20″ $450
Portrait of Anne Oil on panel 10″x14″ $220
Portrait from Zoom Oil on canvas panel 16″x20″ $220
Portrait of Josh Oil on Canvas 16″x20″ $350
Julia at 10 Graphite on paper 8 1/2″x11″
Jesse at 7 Graphite on paper 7″x9″
Self Portrait Oil on canvas 12″x16″ $220
Dan at Philippe’s Oil on canvas panel 12″x16″ $220
Amanda from Zoom Oil on canvas panel 12″x16″ $220
Mike Platt in the Revels Oil on panel 12″x16″ Sold
Gazelle at the Yellow Barn Oil on panel 14″x11″ Sold
Evening Sky, Silver Spring Oil on canvas 30″x24″ $525
Succulents, California Coast Oil on canvas panel 24″x18″ Sold
Coloring Page: Colors Pen on paper 11″x14″ $85
Desire Oil on canvas panel 18″x24″ $425
Liberation Oil on canvas panel 18″x24″ Sold
4/5th Quart Oil on canvas 40″x45″ $425
Cows at Night Oil on canvas 28″x36″ $325
Eucalyptus Forest Watercolor on paper 4″x6″ Sold
Froggy Went a-Courtin’ Watercolor on paper 6″x8″ Sold
Mount Rainier Oil on linen 36″x24″ $1,200