Mountains West of Palm Springs:  Mt. San Jacinto       [sold]

Mount San Jacinto


Sugarloaf over Shepherd’s Hey Farm 2020 Oil on canvas 30″x20″ (Sold)

Lord of the Isles (from a photograph by Miles Clark) [sold]Lord of the Isles

Succulents, California Coast 2020 Oil on canvas panel 24″x18″ (Sold)


Cherry Tree in Kenwood (underpainting) 2020 Oil on canvas 18″x24″ (Sold)

Evening Sky over Silver Spring 2020 Oil on canvas 30″x24″ $550

California Hills from I-5 [sold]California Hills from I-5


Sunset from Coatzacoalcos 1995 Oil on canvas panel 14″x11″ $300
Sunset at Quatzacoalcos


Pillars of Creation  [sold]Sketch for Pillars of Creation


Mount Rainier 1994 Oil on linen 36″x24″  $1,600Mount Ranier


Gulls on Dungeness Spit [not for sale]Gulls at Dungeness Spit


Sierra Nevada from 30,000 feet Thirty Thousand Feet over the Sierra Nevada


Unicorns [sold]


 Figure and Landscape at Glen Echo