44 Paintings from “Themes & Etudes”

I recently presented 44 paintings in a solo show at the Yellow Barn at Glen Echo.  Friends who were unable to attend the show have asked for a chance to see the paintings.  I’ve now uploaded them, grouped by category:

You can scroll through all of the categories below, or choose sub-pages by category from the drop-down menu underneath this page’s title from the home page.
I’ll include dimensions, media, prices, and notes about their origins and meaning later in the week.

Also:  if the painting you wanted was sold before you got to the show, or if it didn’t fit into your budget, please contact me at barrygalef@gmail.com (or use the comment form below) about very high-quality reproductions.
They can be made on either paper or canvas, in many sizes.


Mountains West of Palm Springs:  Mt. San Jacinto       [sold]

Mount San Jacinto

Lord of the Isles (from a photograph by Miles Clark) [sold]Lord of the Isles

California Hills from I-5 [sold]California Hills from I-5

Sunset from Coatzacoalcos
Sunset at Quatzacoalcos

Pillars of Creation  [sold]Sketch for Pillars of Creation

Mount Ranier [not for sale]Mount Ranier

Gulls on Dungeness Spit [not for sale]Gulls at Dungeness Spit

Sierra Nevada from 30,000 feet Thirty Thousand Feet over the Sierra Nevada

Unicorns [sold]

 Figure and Landscape at Glen Echo


Oran in the Kitchen [sold] Oran in the Kitchen

Dick Kovar in the Irish Revels [sold]Study for Dick in the Irish Revels

Gene in the Revels [sold]Gene in the Revels

Livia at the Yellow BarnLivia at the Yellow Barn

Harold at the National Battlefield Cemetery [sold]Harold

Roger at Quartermaine’s [sold]Roger at Quartermaine's

Donald at Quartermaine’sDonald


Joyce in PacificaJoyce in Pacifica

Mike in the CourtyardStudy for Mike in the Courtyard

Julia at Bernal Heights

Andy at the Renaissance Faire (from a photograph by Tom George) [sold]Andy at the Renaissance Fair 

Mike at the Sonoma Coast

Suzanne at the Yellow Barn


Alan at the Yellow Barn

Ellen, Jesse, and Julia in the Bahamas [not for sale]

“Triple” Portrait

Musician in Williamsburg

Shaila at the Yellow Barn

Still Lifes

Tulip at the Mary Prentiss Inn

Still Life with Wine and Bread [sold]

The Boys: Farfel and Tony [sold]

Still Life with Violin [not for sale]


Paintings for the Washington Ethical Society

September 2015: Invitation [sold]

October 2015:  Letting Go [sold]

November 2015:  Ancestry [sold]

December 2015: Expectation

January 2016:  Resistance

February 2016:  Desire

March 2016:  Liberation

April 2016: Creativity [Sold]

May 2016:  Gifts [sold]

June 2016:  Simplicity [sold]